Retuning the engine management system of your high performance car is the KEY to getting maximum gains. Any mechanical modification to your car (engine, intake, exhaust, intercooler, fuel system, turbo, supercharger, cams etc.) will require a change in the engine management software to get the most out of it. Parameters such as; ignition timing, fuel delivery, cam timing, boost control, boost limits, rev limits, speed limits etc. can all be adjusted to optimise the performance of your car. Tokyo Motorsports offers first class tuning/mapping using a relentlessly accurate, in house, AWD Dynapack chassis dynamometer. This is used to measure engine speed, power, torque and fuel mixtures. Highly specialised software is then employed to adjust the Engine ECU settings (maps).

In house tuning is available for:

  • Evo IV – IX
  • Evo X
  • Ralliart Lancer
  • FT86/BRZ
  • WRX and STI (2002 – 2016, including 2015/16 direct injection models)
  • All MoTeC , ViPEC and LINK equipped vehicles

Tokyo Motorsports tunes OEM ECU’s (Subaru + Mitsubishi) using Open Source or ECUTEK software. ECUTEK offers greater scope for tuning and can unlock additional features such as launch control, flat foot shifting and flex fuel via the Race ROM feature package. Our dyno facility is also available for hire by professional engine tuners from other workshops/countries. See below for more details or Contact Us for more information about tuning or dyno hire.