General and Logbook Servicing

Specialising in Japanese vehicles (Mistubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and Subaru) Tokyo Motorsports can service and maintain your everyday car, 4WD or SUV without affecting any new-car, or after-market warranty. Our modern workshop is fully equipped to service and maintain your car to the highest standard.

Log book and standard servicing starts at $199.00* and includes the following items:

  • 124 point vehicle safety check
  • Fully synthetic MOTUL oils
  • Genuine OEM filters
  • All fluid levels
  • Interior and Exterior check
  • Engine bay check
  • Drive train check
  • Cooling system check
  • Fuel system check
  • Electrical system check
  • Under body check
  • Tires and wheels
  • Suspension check
  • Brake check
  • Tyre check

(* Servicing costs can vary depending on quantity and type of engine oil required).

Please Contact Us for more information about servicing and pricing.

  Air Conditioner Service

Automotive Air Conditioning systems require regular maintenance and servicing. Dirty and inefficient A/C systems can cause health problems and increase fuel consumption.

Tokyo Motorsports offers Air Conditioning maintenance and repairs for all types of Japanese vehicles. This can be part of routine vehicle maintenance or as a separate task. Re-gassing, control system checks, and cabin (pollen) filters replacements are all available along with trouble shooting A/C systems that aren’t working properly.
If your cars A/C system isn’t working, or isn’t working properly, get in touch.

Please Contact Us for more information about Air Conditioning Servicing and repairs.

   Brake Service

Brakes. Arguably the most important system on any vehicle. They need to be properly maintained so you can rely on them to work flawlesly 100% of the time. Faulty braking systems can cause increased stopping distances and serious accidents as a result.

Tokyo Motorsports offers standard brake maintenance including; rotor skimming/replacement, pad and shoe replacement, fluid changes and trouble shooting. Brake upgrades are also available for all Japanese make and models including pad upgrades, rotor upgrades and fluid upgrades.
If your cars brakes are underperforming, or you simply want to make them better, get in touch.

Please Contact Us for more information about Brake Maintenance and Upgrades.

   Radiator Service

Keeping your engine running at the correct operating temperature is vital to keep it operating correctly. Engines run at 80 – 90 degrees C most of the time. Any hotter than 105 – 110 C riskes serious engine damage.

Tokyo Motorsports can service and maintain your vehicles cooling system to keep your engine running smoother for longer. Services include radiator and thermostat checks, radiator flush/replacement, cooling system presure checks, coolant concentrate checks, coolant flush/replacement and cooling system troubleshooting.
If you’re having trouble with your vehicles cooling system, get in touch.

Please Contact Us for more information about Cooling Systems and Radiator Servicing.

   Injector Servicing and Cleaning

Fuel injectors open and close millions of times between vehicles services and billions of times over the life of your car. Over time they get dirty and their performance deteriorates resulting in reduced engine power, excess fuel consumption, and, in some cases, engine damage.

Tokyo Motorsports can service your cars fuel injectors and get them working like new again. Using the best fuel injector cleaning system on the market – ASNU – your car will never run better.

Please Contact Us for more information about Injector Servicing and Cleaning.

   Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle diagnostics is a vital part of modern vehicle maintenance. Modern cars are extremly complex; even the most basic car nowadays utilises several on-board computers linked up to share information via a data network. When there are problems with any of these systems (e.g. Engine Management, ABS or Stability Control) you need vehicle diagnostics to find the fault before a repair can be implemented.

Tokyo Motorsports’ highly skilled staff can offer advanced vehicle diagnostics, utilising a variety of techniques and some of the best equipment available. If you’re having car troubles, whether it’s something simple or something more complex, get in touch.

Please Contact Us for more information about Vehicle Diagnostics.

    Mechanical and Electrical Repairs

All vehicles need repairing from time to time. Your car is a sophisticated machine, but, as with all machines, they’re susceptable to wear and damage over time.

Tokyo Motorsports highly skilled staff can offer a full compliment of repairs, both mechanical and electrical, for your Japanese car, 4WD or SUV. This covers all vehicle systems including; engine and gearbox, clutch and drive-line, brakes, suspension, air conditioning, cooling systems, engine management and electrical systems.
If your car is broken, not working, or not working properly, get in touch.

Please Contact Us for more information about Mechanical and Electrical Repairs.