Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump

Extremely common upgrade in performance vehicles. This fuel pump moves considerably more fuel than most factory pumps, allowing for more horsepower.

There are several variations (outlet placement, filter sock size and shape etc) designed for different vehicles so please contact us before purchasing to ensure you receive the correct unit for your application.

Not recommended for E85 applications. While many people have successfully run this pump with alcohol fuels, it is not rated by Walbro for that purpose. See the Walbro 450/460LPH pump if you intend to run alcohol based fuels.




The Walbro fuel pump is one of the most popular aftermarket fuel pumps on the market today. Flowing 255 Liters Per Hour it can flow enough fuel for most applications under 500 hp. This is for the pump only it does not include an installation kit. Vehicle installation kits are available and recommended with purchase.


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