Triton / Pajero


Building on extensive experience tuning Mitsubishi petrol engine vehicles, Tokyo Motorsports now offers Mitsubishi Diesel tuning.
Using the powerful and versatile ECUTEK software package the factory ECU can be reprogrammed directly, avoiding the need for ‘chips’ or plug in ‘performance boxes’ which can be problematic and have been known to cause engine damage.

20-30% gains in power and torque can be achieved with a simple modifications such as an exhaust and tune.

Available for Mitsubishi Triton, Challenger, Pajero and Pajero Sport, Manual or Automatic, using the Mitsubishi 4D56 or 4N15 Common Rail Turbo Diesel Engines.

The Tokyo Motorsports in-house 2016 MQ Triton is constantly being developed to improve performance and to test new products.

Tokyo Motorsports offers first class tuning/mapping using a relentlessly accurate, in house, AWD Dynapack chassis dynamometer. This is used to measure engine speed, power, torque and fuel mixtures. Highly specialised software is then employed to adjust the Engine ECU settings (maps).

What’s available for your Mitsubishi Diesel:

  • Power upgrades
  • ECU tuning
  • Suspension and brake upgrades
  • Custom fabrication
  • Routine servicing and maintenance
  • Install of accessories

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