Evolution X exhausts

A good quality exhaust system is critical for maximising power gains. There is a very simple rule for exhaust systems on turbo cars – ‘The best exhaust is the least exhaust’. This means the bigger, and more free flowing, the better.

There are many exhaust systems on the market to suit the Evo X. Many of these would appear to be 3″ or 70mm systems but are in actual fact much smaller. Restrictors are often buried away inside the mufflers and resonators in order to keep noise levels down. This has the unfortunate side effect of keeping power levels down too.

Tokyo Motorsports has developed an Evo X exhaust system that is a true 3″ system, made from 100% stainless steel, that keeps noise levels down and power levels up.

Hand made at our workshop these exhaust systems are available in small numbers and are included as part of our TMX-360, TMX-400 and TMX-500 power up kits.

Available exclusively from Tokyo Motorsports.

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