Evolution IV – IX

Evo’s IV – IX have been around for many years and have dominated many forms of motorsports such as; gravel rally, tarmac rally and the world time attack series. Even though these cars are not the current model a well modified Evo IV – IX is very much a force to be reckoned with.

There are literally thousands of aftermarket parts out there to suit Evo IV – IX. Some work, others don’t. Some work well with each other, others don’t …and there are even some out there that won’t actually fit at all. All this can make selecting your next performance upgrade quite bewildering (and expensive if you get it wrong).

Tokyo Motorsports has developed a range of tried and tested high performance upgrades for the Evo IV – IX. This selection of upgrades was developed using our own 2001 Evo VII (pictured above).

Having our own, in house, R&D car meant that we could experiment at our own pace and try many and varied combinations of different parts to find out what works and what doesn’t. Our Evo VII gets driven daily and is constantly being utilised as part of our continuous testing.

Choosing one of our off-the-shelf upgrades packages means taking the guesswork out of modifying you Evo. We absolutely guarantee that each one of our kits will perform exactly as specified, every-single-time.

If you’re thinking about modifying your Evo IV – IX in any way, talk to us first.